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型錄. CATALOG issue. 9

Floral Landscape - The place where we took the photos has gone.

It was a wasteland beside the river named Laojie River.

We had happened to take the couple’s wedding photos for fun, before it was rebuilt into a walking trail by city 2 years later.

The feeling is hard to say. - We still remember the excitement of the adventure there.

We went over the fence, and climbed down the riverside.

It’s raw and beautiful!

The rocks and bushes made it difficult to take the steps, not to mention wearing the wedding dress.

Our wedding bouquets seemed to fit in the picture perfectly, and we were pleased with the upshot.

It was a precious experience. - Although the place in the photos has gone.

Now, It’s kind of a chill place to ride a bike and hang out for people in Zhongli city.

Recommend to you with these early photos. -

- Thanks to

art direction. Coexist Studio

space.: Coexist Studio

photography. SU

dress.: Le Stelle

make up by.: Amber

character. - We've run a floral studio in 中壢 Jongli City since 2016. It's still like a dream... - The contents are about our floral style and inner world.

There will be a poem at the beginning of each issue. There will be only 11 pages in every issue. Hope you enjoy it as members! 型錄.CATALOG 連結 --------------------------------------------------------------------

之後我們會陸續寫一些文章,訪談我們的婚禮新娘及分享不錯的廠商、經營花店的心得感想、花藝課程資訊、困難和樂趣都會寫。 給我們一點小鼓勵 訂閱我們的 與花相處blog。


我們的youtube頻道是【朝夕相處coexist studio】。



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